Celebrity Chef Brian Malarkey's
New American Classic

“Wouldn’t that be a great name for the restaurant?” And just like that Brian Malarkey creates a New American Classic restaurant named after the simplicity of the seersucker fabric which is casual, relaxed and emanates the “feel-good” vibe among those who wear it, or in this case dine there. As with the seersucker fabric, one may feel dressed up, yet comfortable, and Chef Malarkey evokes that same feeling within his dishes. Enjoy familiar comfort foods with a twist, like Mushrooms and Burrata, French Toast, Tombo with a balsamic reduction and pesto, or Whiskey braised pork with grilled peaches and baconnaise.

Brian Malarkey, in collaboration with designer Thomas Schoos and hospitality impresario James Brennan, create a brilliant space with comfortable couches, eclectic music, and extreme flavors all which combine to create the perfect “social dining experience.”